Welcome to Sinai Mar Thoma Church

Members of the Mar Thoma community living in North London democratically decided to form a new parish with the guidance of the Diocesan Episcopa, Rt. Revd Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosius. When they fulfilled the necessary …


Dearly Beloved in Christ,
Life is full of choices, in every action of life man is confronted with a choice. Every day we see many ways before us and we have to choose the way we …

Service Times

Sunday School: 10:45-11:45
Liturgy will start exactly at 12.00 PM
Service will last for about 80 Minutes.

Our Time and Space: 10 minutes

Social interaction: 2.30 PM to 3.30 PM



19th April Good Friday Service 10 am Blackwell Hall

Lesson reading volunteers for Good Friday
Lesson 1: Isa 53:1-12 – Abraham Mathew (Renny Uncle)
Lesson 2: 1Pet 1:1-25- Sally Koshy
Lesson 3: Zech 13:1-9 – Albin Binu
Lesson 4: Gal 3:1-22- Trina …
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Upcoming Events

1. UK and Europe Marthoma Meet on the 6th Of April at 10 AM at Cotton Green Church (Tamworth)
2. Zonal Youth Camp on July 19th, 20th, 21st 2019 at Yarnfield.
3. Family Conference on 23rd,24th and 25th …
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21st April Easter Service and Holy Communion in English 7:30 am

Lay Leaders: Mr Biju Cherian
Mr Agnelo Fernandes
Lesson 1: Gen 23:1-19 (Mr Abraham Mathews)
Lesson 2: Col 3:1-11 ( Ms Natasha Abraham)

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28th April Parish Day and Holy Communion in Malayalam

10:45 AM Sunday School
12:00 PM : Holy Communion in Malayalam
Lay Leaders: Mr Sajimon Samuel

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29th April ( Mon) 9:00 am Very Rev VT John And Kochamma Leaves for India

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5th May Sunday Holy Communion in English

10:45 am: Sunday School.
12:00 PM: Holy Communion in English.

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