Dearly Beloved in Christ,
Life is full of choices, in every action of life man is confronted with a choice. Every day we see many ways before us and we have to choose the way we ought to go. Our lives become meaningful when we have a goal to attain and lives without aims are meaningless. Remember always three computer usages:
1.We should be booted in Christ.
2.Log on to Christ always.
3.Stay on in the coverage area of Christ.
We are busy with the preparation for Christmas celebrations. Jesus is the reason for this season, “A Saviour was born”- this is Christmas. Christmas is a journey to Jesus. God became man that man may become divine. The very encounter with Christ will change our whole attitude. Let us celebrate this Christmas meaningfully by knowing the good news of joy, by spreading good news of joy and living the good news of joy, which is the ultimate thing that God expects from us.
May God Bless Us All

Very Rev. V.T. John


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